Wakem Capital Management is a discretionary digital asset & global macro fund manager that targets absolute returns with low correlation to equity & fixed income markets. Wakem leverages economic theory and proprietary risk frameworks to obtain asymmetric exposure to digital assets.


In this webinar, John Vincent, CEO & Founder of Wakem Capital Management will provide insights into the unprecedented rate of change across cryptocurrencies and the application of blockchain technologies.  


Many investors are now realizing that mass acceptance of crypto is already here even if mass adoption is still debatable. Investors are now presented with multiple crypto on-ramps for gaining exposure to an asset class that has outperformed every other asset class over a rolling 4- year time horizon since its inception 13 years ago. Crypto fundamentals remain very strong and the recent drawdown may present one of the greatest opportunities to move into this fast-maturing asset class.


In this webinar John will cover the topics below:

  • How proactive risk management helps create a compounding profile that outperforms the underlying on a risk-adjusted basis
  • Crypto has outperformed every other asset class over a rolling 4-year time horizon since its inception 13 years ago
  • There have been six 80% corrections during the 13 years of crypto's existence, and we are currently in a 60%+ drawdown - how can investors capitalise on this opportunity?
  • The move from traditional finance to DeFi is occurring at a breakneck pace and research practices and asset allocation strategies in portfolios need to be able to adjust at the same rate of development
  • Evaluating the available on ramps to make your initial crypto portfolio allocation

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John Vincent

CEO and Founder at Wakem Capital Management

John has over 25 years of macro portfolio management experience. He was an early believer and investor in digital currencies including companies that utilize blockchain technology.

In 2016, he started a managed account and in 2018 launched Wakem Capital Management, “WCM”. WCM’s Global Opportunities Fund focuses on defined risk option strategies providing superior returns while mitigating downside risk.

John invested in several high-profile, early-stage blockchain protocols and held senior advisory roles to a prominent emerging layer 1 and a decentralized defi liquidity primitive.

Prior to founding WCM, he was a Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager at Graham Capital Management from 2012 through 2016 in the Global Macro Multi Sector Strategy specializing in FX, fixed income, commodities and equity indices. From May 2004 through 2012, John ran discretionary Global Macro for the GAT Division of RBC Capital Markets.

John received a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University. He is married with two children and resides in New York City.

Liam Poole

Chief Operating Officer at Allocator

With more than 10-years of experience in the investment software and data industry, Liam's primary focus is on managing day-to-day operations across the business to ensure that Allocator effectively serves its clients as the leading intelligence platform for institutional investors.

Before joining Allocator, Liam was responsible for building out global client service operations for Morningstar Inc. and built high-performing support and customer success teams across EMEA and APAC. Liam went on to hold several Sales Director roles, most notably managing some of the top global client accounts outside of the U.S. for Morningstar Inc., and spent a great deal of his time enhancing and building sales and marketing operations for the business.

Liam holds a Bcom in Investment Management & Marketing from Stellenbosch University.

Who are Allocator

Allocator is a software and data-as-a-service company, providing integrated data management, analytics and workflow solutions to the alternative investments industry. We empower private capital investors to boost efficiency and accuracy by transforming their operations and research processes. Our world-class analytics platform provides allocators easy access to all their investment data in a standardised and consolidated format, allowing them to focus on their core investment activities

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