Eric Sturdza Investments is an independent investment fund company with a proven track record of offering high conviction, award-winning strategies to institutional and private clients globally.


In this webinar, Bertrand Faure, the Portfolio Manager of the Eric Sturdza Investments Strategic European Silver Stars Fund will provide insights into his investing style and differentiated portfolio.


Bertrand will also take us through his philosophy and approach to:

  • Investing in Western European companies utilising a detailed, repetitive and demonstrable fundamental research process
  • The highly concentrated bottom-up fundamental analysis that he and his team undertake
  • The benefits offered by active management

During the webinar, Bertrand will also discuss why he believes that people are as important as the numbers when investing, as well as share his views on his current market outlook and the Fund’s positioning.

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Bertrand Faure

Portfolio Manager - Eric Sturdza Investments Strategic European Silvers Stars Fund

CIO and Founder - Pascal Investment Advisers SA

Bertrand has been the Portfolio Manager of the Eric Sturdza Investments Strategic European Silver Stars Fund since its inception in 2015, and the CIO of the Investment Adviser, Pascal Investment Advisers SA since he founded the firm in 2002.

The Fund pursues a long-only equity strategy with a specific focus on Western European Small & Mid Caps, incorporating socially responsible investing considerations into the investment process.

Bertrand is currently Triple AAA rated by Citywire, and is rated as the number one Citywire Fund Manager for 3-year risk adjusted performance to the 28th February 2022 in the UK. 

Bertrand is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Liam Poole

Chief Operating Officer at Allocator

With more than 10-years of experience in the investment software and data industry, Liam's primary focus is on managing day-to-day operations across the business to ensure that Allocator effectively serves its clients as the leading intelligence platform for institutional investors.

Before joining Allocator, Liam was responsible for building out global client service operations for Morningstar Inc. and built high-performing support and customer success teams across EMEA and APAC. Liam went on to hold several Sales Director roles, most notably managing some of the top global client accounts outside of the U.S. for Morningstar Inc., and spent a great deal of his time enhancing and building sales and marketing operations for the business.

Liam holds a Bcom in Investment Management & Marketing from Stellenbosch University.

Who are Allocator

Allocator is a software and data-as-a-service company, providing integrated data management, analytics and workflow solutions to the alternative investments industry. We empower private capital investors to boost efficiency and accuracy by transforming their operations and research processes. Our world-class analytics platform provides allocators easy access to all their investment data in a standardised and consolidated format, allowing them to focus on their core investment activities

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